First Day of School! 1st-6th Grades

Welcome to a new school year!


We are looking forward to a great new school year. 

Please be aware that we have a new traffic pattern for picking up and dropping off students. 

We ask that you follow these new procedures:

In the morning

If you are dropping off your students pull all the way forward, past the crosswalk, before having your children get out of the car.
The parking lot turn is for parking only, it is not a drop off lane

Children and parents may enter and go to breakfast starting at 8:30 and line up at classes at 8:40.
If you arrive after 10:00, you must park, and come in to the office to sign your children in.

In the afternoon

If you are walking to meet your child/children:
Please meet them by the concrete benches or the flag pole
Please do not wait in front of the doors
Please do not bring pets onto school grounds
Please watch younger children and remind all children of safety rules

If you are parking and getting out of your car to meet your child/children:
Please park in a designated parking spot
Please do not block cars that are parked in designated spots.
When crossing the parent drive through lanes make sure to use the designated crosswalk
Plan on meeting your children by the flagpole

If you are using the drive through pick-up lane:
Parents are to pull up on the left to the far end of the drive through loop.
Parents will need to place a sign in their car with their child’s name to make loading of students more efficient
Students will only be loaded at the designated loading zones.
If your child is not at the loading area in a timely manner, parents may be asked to make a second pass
If your child is unable to get into the vehicle and buckle themselves in, please park and pick up your child.
Please watch for people crossing at the designated crosswalk